Yassana Croizat-Glazer received her Ph.D. in art history from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. In the years following her graduation, Yassana taught several courses on Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture at NYU’s Department of Art History. In 2010, she was named a Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellow in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts (ESDA). She then served as a Research Associate there from 2011-2012, during which time she worked on the reinstallation of the French Renaissance Gallery. In 2012, Yassana received the title of Assistant Curator.

Yassana left the museum in 2014 and founded YCG Fine Art in the spring of 2017. Her publications include:

  • “The Role of Ancient Egypt in Masquerades at the Court of François Ier (r. 1515-1547).” Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 66, No. 4 (Winter 2013): 1206-1249.
  • “Sin and Redemption in The Hours of François I (1539-1540) by the Master of François de Rohan.” The Metropolitan Museum of Art Journal, Vol. 48 (2013): 121-142.  
  • Entry for a Cabinet (Dressoir) in the Style of Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau, in Georges Hoentschel: Collector, Designer, Architect in Belle-Époque Paris, April 4-August 11, 2013. Exhibition Catalogue. New Haven; London: Published for the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, by Yale University Press. pp. 184-86.
  •  “‘Living Dolls’: François Ier Dresses His Women.” Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 60, No.1 (Spring 2007): 94-130. (Under the name Yassana C. Croizat).